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Glenridding Dental Clinic offers emergency dental services that require immediate assistance. Our dentists are always available to attend to your emergency dental needs during or outside our regular hours. We treat the following emergency dental issues.

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emergency dental services windermere

Chipped Tooth Restoration

A chipped tooth is a typical dental emergency. A hard bite while eating or other trauma to the tooth can fracture the cusp or part of a tooth. Tooth restorations like dental fillings can also be damaged. It might be painless, but it should be addressed immediately. A chipped tooth can cause damage to the tongue and cheeks and contribute to plaque build-up. Left untreated, a sharp or cracked tooth can accelerate tooth decay and cause sensitivity. Fixing a chipped tooth requires professional and immediate attention.

Possible Causes:

  • Decay or cavities under restoration
  • Malocclusion (commonly called improper bites)
  • Accident – any trauma while playing sports
  • Grinding – night grinding (bruxism)


Fixing a chipped tooth depends on the extent of the damage. Standard treatment options include fillings, crown or dental caps, dental veneers, and root canal treatments.


Dental pain, or severe toothache, is the most common reason to visit an emergency dentist in Edmonton. Dental or tooth pain can be extremely painful, especially in molars. Reasons for a toothache–and the reason for an emergency dental visit–include sensitivity to extreme temperatures, infection, or an underlying abscess.

A tooth has three layers. The innermost layer is called a pulp which has nerves and blood vessels. When bacteria enter the pulp, they can cause swelling of blood vessels, leading to inflammation. An emergency pulpectomy, or open and cleaning, will relieve the pain. When a tooth has extensive damage from cavities, our only option is to extract it.

Possible Causes:

  • Cavities
  • Trauma
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Wisdom teeth

Toothache Prevention:

Regular dental visits and check-ups can prevent toothaches. In recall exams, we recommend taking radiographs to examine your mouth to check on the cavities and restorations. Every two years, we take a panoramic radiograph that captures the teeth and the jaw to rule out any oral or cavity issues.

Dental Trauma Avulsion

Kids love their playtime, but sometimes things can get rough. If a tooth is fractured or is knocked out, don’t panic. Place the tooth in milk or under the patient’s tongue (don’t swallow it) and visit your local dentist in Edmonton immediately.

Dental trauma like tooth avulsion happens when children play without a sports guard. Prevent this by visiting your family dentist or the nearest dental clinic in Edmonton for a custom-built mouth guard.


Time is crucial for the reimplantation of lost teeth. If you follow the protocol mentioned above for bringing the tooth to the dentist, it can be reimplanted into the socket and secured with a wire onto the adjacent teeth. The tooth may need a root canal and a crown for long-term success.

Locations Where We Offer Emergency Dental Services Are:

  • Chapelle
  • Windermere
  • Keswick
  • Ambleside
  • Woodbend
  • Heritage Valley
  • Terwillegar
  • Glenridding Heights

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